Movement Procedures and Forever Blocks

Now that I have created my turtles, how do I get them to move?

turtle movementturtle movement
Forever Block with 3 breeds and their own proceduresForever Block with 3 breeds and their own procedures

You must use a green Procedure block placed in the column for the breed that you want to have move. In this example, turtles have a Procedure called ‘wander’ which makes them move. You can add movement blocks to have them move in whichever way you want. Once the procedure is made, it must then be activated by attaching it to a brown Forever block or a Run block. In the example below, there are 3 breeds and each one has its own procedures for movement.

Each of the three breeds (Turtles, Paint and Mario) has a different procedure for moving. The Mario breed is controlled by the keyboard buttons and has an extra procedure nested in it that launches the projectile.3 different movement procedures3 different movement procedures

Submitted by paige on 29. December 2007 - 10:45